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Görög Sisters

The two members of the Görög Sisters, Noémi Görög and Enikő Görög, were born in Subotica, Serbia, where they completed the Music School before starting their studies in Belgrade at the University of Arts, Faculty of Music in the class of Professor Ninoslav Živković.

Both artists received their DLA degrees at the Belgrade University of Arts, Faculty of Music. Noémi Görög currently teaches at the Hungarian Language Teacher Training Faculty in Subotica, while Enikő is a teacher at Bartók Béla Faculty of Arts at the University of Szeged. They have been performing as a piano duo since 2004, playing primarily in this formation.

Their repertoire includes the most significant pieces of the four-hand and two-piano literature from Bach to Mozart, from Brahms over Bartók to Lutosławski. Their focus on contemporary composers is a special treat for their audience, some pieces have been composed specifically for the duo.

The Görög Sisters have released two CDs so far. Their first album came out in 2015 with the

title Let’s Play, containing four-hand and two-piano pieces by Mozart, Saint-Saëns, Bartók and Lutosławski. The second album was recorded in Bayreuth and was released in 2018 under the title Let’s Dance. It features the two-piano version of Ravel’s La Valse, as well as pieces by Tchaikovsky, Barber, Brahms, Aleksandar Vujić and Milica Ilić.


2024 5th Vienna International Music Competition- Golden Medal-Chamber Music

2023 4th Vienna International Music Competition- Golden Medal-Contemporary Music

2020 Vienna, Austria: Wiener MusikSeminar – Grand Prix

2019 Coimbra, Portugal: IV. World Piano Meeting – 1st prize

2018 Salzburg, Austria: Prize winners at the International Summer Academy of the Mozarteum University Salzburg

2016 Pörtschach, Austria: 23. Johannes Brahms International Competition – 2nd prize

2010 Oslo, Norway: Edward Grieg International Piano Competition – 3rd prize and Special prize for the performance of Béla Bartók 7 Pieces from Microcosmos

The piano duo has held successful concerts throughout Serbia and Hungary, and has toured in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia.

The Görög Sisters started giving concerts for children in 2015, at Studio 6 of Bartók Radio, the Hungarian classical music station, in Budapest. The Sisters believe deeply in the need for fostering children’s musical education and instilling musical artistic values into children starting from a young age. At their concerts, the Görög Sisters provide their young audience with a musical basis that may eventually help them become regular concertgoers.

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