Coimbra World Piano Meeting

Arriving in Coimbra

The promoter of the event will organize a Bus from Lisbon Airport to Coimbra, on the 31st January, and on the 9th February from Coimbra to the Airport of Lisbon. For more informations, check here

Other options:

Located in the center of Portugal, between Lisbon and Porto, Coimbra has very good accessibility by high speed train, connecting the city with Porto (58’) and Lisbon (1h 35’). There, students can be connected to all the world by plane, using most of the “low cost” and tradicional airlines. Both airports of Porto and Lisbon are directly connected by metro to the train stations of Porto “Campanhã” and Lisbon “Oriente”.

Usefull contacts:

Portuguese trains timetable

Taxi – Coimbra

BUS – Coimbra

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