Harmonias de outono

General Conditions


The application deadline is August 22th, 2024. Applicants must fill the application form online.
As the number of participants is limited, students are accepted in the order of arrival of the applications.
Late applications after the deadline, when accepted, will suffer an increase of 10% on the course, application and competition fees.
Application will only be considered definitive as soon as the course fees are confirmed in our bank account.

Course dates

The lessons will begin on the morning of 22th September 2024 and will end on the morning of 29th September 2024. Students are encouraged to arrive on 21st September and leave on the 30th September to make the most out of the festival.

Conditions of participation

There is no age limit for attending the master classes. If you are under 18, you must travel with a parent/guardian or an official permission stating that you are allowed to travel by yourself under your own responsability.
Travel costs, as well as visa and health insurance arrangements are the responsability of the students.


The festival may organize the accommodation of participants, with the following special rates, according to availability:
Triple room       30 euros/night/person
Double room    35 euros/night/person
Single room      60 euros/night
Fares include breakfast.
There is limited number of rooms and priority will be given to the first applications.

Concerts and Competition

During the festival, several concerts will take place in major halls and historical sites. The professors of the festival will select the students who will partipate in these official concerts. Some concerts may be live recorded. By participating in the Concerts and Competition, the candidates cede to the Organization the right to record and broadcast in internet their performances. For the most relevant concerts, an audition might be organized. (note: students will not be offered remuneration for their participation in these concerts).
Apart from the regular concerts, a Piano Competition will take place in order to allow the best student to perform with a professional orchestra.
For more information concerning rules and prizes, please check the page “Competition“.
Students willing to take part in the competition must pay a 95€ fee, on top of the masterclasses fees.

Practice facilities

During the mornings and early afternoon, several grand and upright pianos will be available for students to practice. A schedule for practicing will be organized, the amount of hours per student will depend on the number of enrolled students.


Each student will receive 3 lessons. Students may also apply to have 5 lessons (optional), should this be their intention. It might is possible to make lessons with more than one professor.  All the lessons are open to active and passive students for listening. In principle student’s first choices for professors will be respected, subject to the schedule availability of the latter.

The lesson rooms are all equipped with half or grand pianos in very good condition.

Course Fees

Registration Fee:    246€* (200€ + 23% VAT) per person, active participants and listeners

Tuition Fees:            3 lessons soloists         375,15€* (305€ + 23% VAT)
                                5 lessons soloists         624,84€* (508€ + 23% VAT)
                                3 lessons duo               658,05€* (535€ + 23% VAT)
                                5 lessons duo              1100,85€* (895€ + 23% VAT)

Beethoven Prize 2024: 95€* competition fee, on top of the masterclass fee (both active and passive students may participate in the competition).

                            *VAT 23% included

Registration fee will not be returned under any condition. Costs of the transaction must be assumed by the applicant.



2) Bank Transfer

IBAN : PT50 0033 0000 45464230189 05
Swift Code: BCOMPTPL
Bank: Millennium BCP Branch: Coimbra Montes Claros Bank address: Praça Machado de Assis, 7 a 9, Celas
3000-253 Coimbra

Address: Rua António Gustavo Moreira, 80, 4.3 | 4400-660 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

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