Study Programs

Artist Certificate “Franz Liszt”

Intended for gifted students, already with professional experience, in the edge of reaching a professional musical career.

This demanding program will assure its students the mastering of all essential qualities for obtaining this goal. Students finishing the certificate with distinction will be given the possibility to record a professional CD.


1st Year – One public solo recital (works to be defined according to the personality of each student)

2nd Year- One chamber music recital including:                             

3rd Year-  Three Concertos (One by Beethoven, one Romantic and one Modern)

Numerus Clausus per Academic Year: 5 students

Course length: 3 Years

Virtuosity Certificate “Domenico Scarlatti”

Study program for students with refined artistic and technique qualities, with the goal of helping them achieve a high international standards of musical interpretation.

Ideal for students preparing recitals and international competitions.

Repertoire to be prepared each year:

One baroque work or one sonata by Mozart or Haydn

One important sonata by Beethoven

Three Etudes: One by Chopin, one by Liszt and other from a different composer

One major romantic work (min. 30 minutes)

One major modern/contemporary work

One work composed in the country of origin of the student

Two concertos (One composed before 1815, other afterwards)

Course length: 2 years

Performance Certificate “Carlos Seixas”

Studies program for young talents demonstrating capacity to conclude this cycle as competent musicians. The training will help them develop and dominate the bases required in order for them to become excellent instrumentalists. 

Students will be required to prepare each year an extensive and varied repertoire, including all the styles from Baroque to our days, according to suggestion of the main teacher.

Course length: 3 years

Preparatory Certificate

Intensive program of preparation for promising young talents, with great potential for development and ambition to achieve, in short and medium terms, one of the above mentioned cycles of studies. The student will be proposed for final examination when recommended by the artistic direction.

Course length: variable

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